The Association

Dear visitor Welcome to our Website.

The Association of Merchant Marine Officers was founded on the 9th of April 2012 in Cyprus and currently has 80 members, a number which continues to increase.

According to the association’s charter, a member of the association can be any officer of merchant marine from lower rank to a higher rank with the same privileges and responsibilities.

The goal of the association is to advance the Cyprus shipping sector and to troubleshoot any naval matters as well as problems regarding the nautical occupation in Cyprus. In order to achieve this we are in constant contact with competent bodies, organizations and Ministries.

Also we aim at creating a nautical culture on our island and enforcing a nautical policy in order to increase all maritime activities. We believe that by creating a merchant navy academy in Cyprus it will boost the navy profession and trigger an inflow of foreign capitals to Cyprus.

We hope that through constant effort and action, change and growth will take place and will help our fellow seafarers as well as the state.

We are positive that if we join our efforts and concentrate on one goal and one common vision, we have the right to gaze at a clear horizon and have a course on safe waters.